Bellingham vasectomy spokesmodel Chuck Leatherman here...


Have you been thinking about getting a vasectomy but just ain't gettin' around to it?

Take my advice... stop putting it off!  

There ain't nothin' easier. I'm talkin' 20 minutes.

No scalpel, no needles, no nothin'.

It's starts with a FREE 10 minute phone call.

Be honest with yourself...



Sound familiar? You're not alone.

As men we're naturally protective of that area of our bodies,

so the idea of having a procedure done on "our boys" is a tough sell to our man brains.

Instead of taking action, we keep telling ourselves things like:

"I don't have the time..."

"It will hurt too much..."

"I'll do it next month..."

Good news!

The vasectomy procedure is fast.

How fast? We're talking only 20 minutes, that's how fast.

It gets better - this ain't your dad's vasectomy.

Dr. Pettit uses today's modern technique so there are no incisions, no needles & no stitches.

(Can I get an Amen!)

This means less hassle AND less discomfort, both during the procedure

and afterwards while you're recovering.

(But if you want to play up your recovery a wee bit to get a little more couch time, we won't stop you)

Check out what this Bellingham boss had to say:

"It was painless & simple. Get it done, and then kick back and relax"

- Todd from Bellingham

Bellingham Vasectomy Dr. Pettit

Bellingham vasectomy physician, Dr. Pettit, is Board Certified by the American Board of Urology and performs 100+ vasectomies each year. You can feel confident knowing that the doctor taking care of you has perfromed thousands of vasectomies during his career.

Dr. Pettit

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FREE 1-on1 Informational Session

Dr. Pettit and his staff have found that a FREE 10 minute informational phone session is helpful for many men before finalizing their decision and scheduling an initial constult. Register now. Get your basic questions answered and learn more about the procedure.

Bellingham Vasectomy information

Minimal Discomfort

Dr. Pettit utilizes a modern procedure that minimizes discomfort. No scalpel, no needles, no stitches. The anesthesia is precisely sprayed in, quickly numbing the area.

Wow, that was fast!

Start to finish, the procedure is only 20 minutes.

Schedule your free informational phone call now!